Lavender, incense, rainstorm, soup & the m…

Lavender, incense, rainstorm, soup & the moon ✨

Rebecca!!!~ Let’s hug and cry together today shall we? T___T 
That said, thank youuuuu darling for asking me these !~ 💕 💛 💕 💛 💕 💛

Lavender:   Name something that relaxes you.
Going to old bookstores and the libraries. Those make me feel relaxed and calm hahaaha

Incense:   List your three favorite scents.
Gardenia, Amber and Rose hehehehe

Rainstorms:   What helps you fall asleep?
Hmmm, usually, thinking up happy scenarios in my mind helps me wind down XD

Soup:   Comfort food?
WOW too many to list hehehehe But mostly noodle soups and chocolate (Let’s have a bit of the savory and the sweet)

The Moon:   What’s your favorite thing to do at night?
Having some quiet time with myself, reading or being on tumblr hehehe

🌻 🌷 lovely asks 🌷 🌻

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